“Things I learned from My Father”

Fathers love giving advice; it’s basically hardwired into their Dad DNA. So in the spirit of Father’s Day, we canvassed the life/after/denim office for jewels of wisdom from our team members’ dads. And then we stripped away the decades of fluff and lectures to offer you nothing but the greatest hits…

Owner and Founder 

Alexis’ father’s wisdom gives us an even greater appreciation of our founder’s work ethic. Her dad imparted the guiding principles “Work fits into the time allotted” and “Hard work yields sweet rewards.” Fear not– Papa Frey’s philosophical gems address managing those rewards too. “You can have anything you want, but not everything” and “Money doesn’t fall out of the sky.” Good thing we planted that Money Tree.

Designer and Production Coordinator

Ashley and Freddie Parish’s father has a more spiritual approach. The nature of his inspirational wisdom can be seen through his motto, “If you believe you can walk on water, you will.” We appreciate the notion, but wouldn’t recommend a literal approach. Mr. Parish’s other lasting wisdom is, “People who know, know.” If you didn’t know, now you know.

Freddie’s advice reflects his devotion to his family: “Always Love your kids unconditionally, and everything will work out” and “When God made you, he made no other.” Good thing Freddie didn’t let that one go to his head. Mr. Parish also offers his own take on never giving up: “Persist until you succeed.”

Digital Strategist

Hailing from the Northeast, Jillian’s father’s advice focuses on practicality, including the all encompassing “Get your head out of your ass, and use common sense” and “For every decision you make, think about what it will mean five years from now.” He also covers the survivalist credo: “There are two things you should always have in your car: duct tape and a flashlight.”

While Jillian’s pops is surely the king of sensible advice, some of it feels strangely specific, like how not to choose cheap wood-grain paneling from Home Depot. “The boards should be hung vertically so the grain of the wood also runs vertically– to mirror how trees grow in nature.” Jillian explained to us that this instruction comes from over 35 years of owning an architectural millwork company, so we figure he probably knows what he’s talking about.


Though not quite advice, the greatest life lesson imparted by Trevor Pikhart’s father was how to fish. Trevor fondly recalls his childhood lessons:

“Every year since 1992, we’d go on this annual ‘guys fishing trip’ to the eastern Sierras. As a kid, I loved the rush of hooking a fish and reeling it in, but I hated cleaning the fish! My dad would laugh as I would gag and tell him how bad it smells! As I got into my teen years, the fishing trip got less and less cool to me. But now as an adult and a new father, I’ve found a new appreciation for the trip. And I can’t wait til [my son] Nolan is out of diapers so I can share the same experience with him!” Trevor lends a whole new meaning to the phrase, “If you teach a man to fish…”

Marketing Intern

Also a fan of fishing, Caitlin’s father taught her, “Don’t go fishing alone if you can’t get the fish off the hook yourself.” Good call. Mr. O’Malley also provided valuable lessons to Caitlin with regards to writing – “Good writing does not require exclamation marks” – and love – “Love in action is more meaningful than love in words.” We’ll drink to that!!!!!

No matter what your father’s greatest lessons – philosophical, practical, or anything in between – be sure to thank him this Father’s Day for all he’s given you.

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