“How to: Look good for Summer Events”

Break out your sunglasses and SPFs, and let’s make this the kind of summer Will Smith used to rap about—complete with a splash of some cool summer style. You’ve been cramped up at work for too long, frying under the fluorescent lights– you’ve got to break free. Whether you’re cooking a brat and crushing beers at home or putting another shrimp on the Barbie down under, we’ve got you covered.


Who doesn’t love trading stuffy slacks for a liberating pair of shorts? However, not all shorts are created equal (Tobias Fünke and his never-nude jean shorts are proof of that). While shorts may be a pivotal piece of summer fashion, make sure you show off your legs responsibly. life/after/denim’s Linen Maldives Shorts, styled to hit just above the knee, let you keep your legs ventilated without exposing the world to your thighs. Each pair features a cotton-linen blend that will also protect you from sloppy-looking wrinkles.


When the sun goes down, a life/after/denim lad should turn his style up. Summer is all about displaying the best of casual style, but while there will always be a place in your heart (and the corner of your closet) for your favorite raggedy gym tee, sometimes something more refined is required. The Scuba Crew embraces the classic baseball tee look; it’s perfect for when afternoon cookouts stretch into the evening.


It was inevitable– your friend from high school, Stinky Pete, was bound to find love, albeit with a woman who lacks a sense of smell. You want to be there for his big day; you also want everyone at the wedding to know that your sense of style has evolved. Hawaiian shirts are a nice way to show off your fun side, but you don’t want to look like you’re wasting away in Margaritaville. The beauty is in moderation. Embrace your inner cool with the Huntington Shirt.


Gather ‘round the campfire, whip out your acoustic guitar, and fire up the s’mores. Summer is the perfect time to break free from civilization and venture into the wilderness, but before you start singing Kumbaya, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for every situation. Packing a bulky raincoat or windbreaker can seem like an unnecessary hassle… until a surprise summer cloudburst drenches you. life/after/denim’s Packaway Jacket is the answer to your camping prayers. The full-zip hooded windbreaker easily tucks away into its rear pocket, allowing easy carrying in a nylon case barely bigger than an iPhone. Pair it with one of our camp shirts, such as the Amazon Shirt, to complete the look.


When the dog days of summer huff their hot breath, nothing is more refreshing than a dip in a cool pool. But don’t let your insta-style-game take a plunge too. life/after/denim’s got you covered, with our festive and colorful line of board shorts sure to keep your feed double tap-worthy.

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