A Well-Orchestrated Layered Look: Styles to Get Your Fashion Singing

This holiday season, treat your winter fashion like a well-orchestrated song, with each layer adding depth to your overall look. Don’t be the fashion equivalent of a high school garage band; sync up your threads and sing like a legend. One killer track will end your year off right.

That Funky Bass Line: the base layer to start things off right.

Bass lines like The Beatles’ in Taxman and Bill Wither’s in Ain’t No Sunshine can anchor your entire ensemble. A good base may go unnoticed by the masses, but anyone with a discerning eye will see that you’re a lad who appreciates a solid foundation. For the Paul McCartney of button downs, look no further than life/after/denim’s Matrix Shirt (available in Black and Heather Grey). This button down is the one, featuring a striking design that’s handsome enough to be frontman and play bass at the same time.

That Catchy Beat: the hoodie to beat the holiday chill.

From Dave Brubeck’s Take Five to Curtis Mayfield’s Move on Up (or Bing Crosby’s Mele Kalikimaka, if you’re dancing under the mistletoe), the perfect beat feels like a natural extension of your heart and gets you bouncing. Like that favorite rhythm you can’t get out of your head, our Westhope Hoodie (available in Black and Golden Olive) will become an extension of you while it warms you up. When you feel the chill of winter, throw on this ultra-comfortable cotton/poly blend hoodie, tuck your hands away in the kangaroo pocket, and enjoy hoodie season with refined style.

The Killer Solo: the riff to define your look.

Like a mind-melting solo jazz riff that fills the room with smoky notes, nothing impresses more than checking your outer layer to reveal an exceptional sweater underneath. life/after/denim offers not one, but three of the finest crews to fill out your holiday style and get your loved ones on their feet.

1. Millard Crew  (available in Golden Olive, Black)

This crewneck is the equivalent of a swinging jazz lick. Never flashy and always classy, the Millard Crew is designed with no topstitching, allowing the soft poly-cotton fleece blend number to assume its rightful place amongst life/after/denim’s greatest hits.

2. Bradley Reversible Crew (available in Black/Dresden Blue, Heather Grey/Auburn)

While some songs may be played backwards to reveal a hidden message, our Bradley Crew reverses to reveal a contrasting color — clutch when you need to wear your sweater for one more night of good tidings and cheer.

3. Fallingwater Crew (available in Blue Blood, Black)

Like Theolonius Monk and Eric Clapton, some musicians bring extra soul to their notes. And so it is with life/after/denim’s Fallingwater Crew, which transcends its stitches with a distinguished character.  So even if you’re waiting up Round Midnight for that special someone (Santa Claus?), this crew, with 100% cotton ribbed stitching, will keep your style poppin’.

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