How To: Survive the Holidays in Style

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays — or at least that’s what the song wants you to believe. Being home comes with tons of advantages — home-cooked meals, reconnecting with old friends, and inevitable trips down memory lane. But being home also comes with its fair share of stresses, including interrogations about everything from your career to your love life. Distract from the questions by projecting success — on all fronts — with effortless style that will impress everyone at the table this holiday season.

Your Mother

You’ve come a long way since living with your parents, but no matter how old you get, you’ll always be your mother’s little lad. Ease her worries the second you walk through the door by wearing the striking Modern Riding Coat (available in Heather Black and Heather Grey). Back for another season by popular demand, this coat will make you reluctant to check it at the door. And even after your holiday trip is over, you’ll still feel like you’re wrapped in your mother’s arms in the cozy wool blend.

Your Father

Remember those Saturdays spent with your dad fixing all of the household problems your mother threw at him? Maybe his handyman skills failed to trickle down the family tree, but with life/after/denim’s Craftsman Crew you’ll make your old man proud by showing him that he taught you a valuable lesson — how to look damn good. The Craftsman (available in Black and Golden Olive) will bring you and your dad back to the days when you’d throw on one of his oversized thermals before getting to work. But unlike your father’s shirts, the Craftsman has a raw edge at the cuff and hem to give it a distinct edge and style that your father could never pull off.

Your High School Buddies

While time and life have scattered you all over the place, when you and your crew reunite over a few winter lagers, it’s clear: nothing has changed. Well, almost nothing — your style has grown up quite a bit. One-up your pals with life/after/denim’s Wright Shirt (available in Black). This subdued heathered dobby with yarn-dyed stripes is made from 100% cotton; it’s perfectly lightweight and soft, so it’ll keep you looking fresh, even as you and your boys get rough and loud. They may not know exactly why you look better than they do… but they’ll definitely notice.

Your High School Sweetheart

Amidst all of the tidings and good cheer, you’re bound to run into one of your exes. Sure, you’ve kept tabs on them via social media, but you’ve been dreading this IRL moment. Show them exactly what they missed out on with the Barnsdall Shirt. This button down (available in Heather Grey, Black, Auburn, and Golden Olive) features a geometric plaid design that will make you look effortlessly dashing… because what’s better than turning heads without trying? Nothing.

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