Style Resolutions Every Man Needs for 2018

The road to hell is paved with failed New Year’s resolutions. Sure, you’ve made these promises to yourself with the best intentions, but every year, come February, you’ve already reverted back to the same vices and bad habits you swore off in the hazy midnight countdown. While fashion won’t guarantee that your New Year’s resolutions stick, it can help ensure that your style reflects the spirit of your goals.

Resolution #1: Always Be Ready

So no-shave November bled into December, and by the time holiday shopping rolled around, mall security was mistaking you for a bum. While comfort will always be king in your life, you have to make sure you’re always dressed well when opportunity knocks — because as somebody once said, success is found at the crossroads of opportunity and preparation. Be prepared and comfortable with the Bradley Reversible Crew (available in Black/Dresden Blue and Heather Grey/Auburn). This perfect sweatshirt combines class and comfort, and because it’s reversible, you’ll be able to delay laundry day without anyone knowing.

Resolution #2: Be Bold, Take Risks

As you settle into adulthood, it’s easy to fall victim to the rhythms, cycles, and monotony of life. The more responsibility you have on your shoulders, the scarier it is to break the chain; before you know it, that leap you’ve been wanting to take has established a full-time spot atop your to-do list. Fortune favors the bold, so break the cycle of B.S. excuses and ride into 2018 with daring style in life/after/denim’s Modern Riding Coat (available in Heather Black and Heather Grey). You don’t have to be weekending at your friend’s country house in Connecticut to appreciate this twill-lined, wool-cashmere beauty. And the seven pockets give you plenty of room to store a pair of dice, a lucky coin, and any other risk-taking tokens you like to carry.

Resolution #3: Reconnect with Nature

In the countless hours devoted to the daily grind, you’ve lost your connection to the great outdoors. It used to be easy to find time to run around in the grass, go for a hike, or paddle your kayak, but now you have countless commitments and responsibilities. Even when you can’t power down and commune with Mother Nature, you can display your woodsy side with life/after/denim’s Evergreen Shirt (available in Auburn and Golden Olive). The 100% cotton printed poplin features a tribute print, calling to the tree hugger in all of us.

Resolution #4: Be A Gentleman

Chivalry is a dying art, and we lads seem to have lost the guide. Not influenced by locker room banter, a gentleman rises above the BS, and displays his dignity and respect for others in every endeavor he undertakes — romantic and otherwise. Class-up your style with a look that embodies your commitment to gentlemanly pursuits. The Fallingwater Crew  (available in Black and Blue Blood) is the perfect ribbed beauty to elevate your game to the next level.

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