How To: Survive Work After the Holidays

You’re on your first cold commute of the New Year when it hits you—you have to get back the motivation you lost sometime around Thanksgiving. You settle in at the office and say “Happy New Year” to the team (all the while wondering how many more days it’ll be before you can safely stop saying it to every new person you communicate with). You get in five minutes of procrastination, checking your “closest” friends’ IG feeds, and now you’ve got to get back to work. Restart your engine with a boost of style and turn that motivation slow-down into a fresh start.

Change Your Tune for the New Year

The holidays made you soft (figuratively and literally), but that’s okayyou’ll return to form soon enough. Down that shot of espresso, energy, or B-12 (whatever works); roll up your sleeves; and pop in your ear buds and hit play on your January “Get S//t Done Mix” — the perfect lineup of tracks to up your motivation.

And while you’re at it, make a new wardrobe mix too. life/after/denim’s Ithaca Shirt (available in Black and Heather Grey) will start it off right. The Ithaca is no frills—just a quality, good-looking button-down. With cuffs designed to roll up, the Ithaca will keep you looking sharp even when you’re elbows-deep in all those new projects your boss has waiting for you.

Crank It up to 11

If you still can’t seem to get your year moving, crank up the volume. Sure you could just coast, but you’ve never been that kind of lad. Pitch an unorthodox business idea, fight for that promotion, or strike out on your own. And regardless of what adventure you choose, make sure your style is next level to match it. We suggest adding one of life/after/denim’s button downs to your playlist.

The Allegheny Shirt (available in Dresden Blue, Blue Blood, Black, and Auburn) is rugged, simple, and handsome—just like you. Its 100% cotton jaspe check with brushing will keep you comfortable and spiffy, whether you’re at the office, on a factory tour, or entertaining clients.

The Matrix Shirt (available in Black and Heather Grey) has a color for whatever casual occasion your to-do list calls for. So no matter what you’re doing in these early months of 2018, you’ll look damn good.

Enjoy Some Me Time

You just got back to work, and yet that first holiday of the year can’t come soon enough. For now, use your weekends to help you reset. Enjoy lounging around the house in life/after/denim’s Cozy Crew (available in Dresden Blue, Black and Navy) or Millard Crew (available in Golden Olive and Black). Both feature l/a/d’s signature elevated casual comfort style. So you’ll be ready for company should that hottie drop by…  you may need a different mix for that…

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