The 4 Fabrics Every Guy Should Know

You know how it feels against your skin; you’ve gone to bed in it; you’ve woken up in it. We’re talking about FABRIC. It’s literally the closest thing to your body, so shouldn’t you at least know the basics? Put on your thinking cap and get comfy—we’re about to drop the knowledge to cure your fabric ignorance and help you reach #fabricnirvana.

1. Poplin

Poplin. It’s a fun word that feels as good in your mouth as it does on your back. In the 15th century, back when it was created in France, poplin was a plain weave of silk and wool. The difference in weight between these two materials created a ribbing effect. Modern poplin is made of cotton, so it doesn’t have ribbing. Well then, what makes it poplin? The plain weave. It’s easy to iron and naturally wrinkle resistant, making it the perfect fabric for easy-wear shirts and button downs. So it’s no surprise that poplin is an l/a/d favorite. The Evergreen Shirt (available in Auburn and Golden Olive) is a favorite of ours this season, and it’s the poplin you’ll reach for time and time again. File it under low-maintenance cool… just like you.

2. Flannel

Flannel used to put you in one of two categories— lumberjack or 90’s Seattle grunge-rocker. Traditionally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, flannel is often incorrectly conflated with plaid. Don’t be the guy who calls every plaid shirt a flannel. Modern flannel has broadened its portfolio to include all types of patterns and fabrics. Welcome to the next generation: rugged, with a touch of elegance.  The Allegheny Shirt (available in Black, Blue Blood, Auburn, and Dresden Blue) is made of brushed cotton jaspe, giving it an unforgettably soft feel before even one cycle in the washing machine. The Allegheny features a subdued tartan pattern that’ll help you forget the smell of teen spirit, and bring out that ruggedly handsome lad we know you are

3. Wool

When you were a kid, wool was a hot and itchy hell you couldn’t wait to esca pe. First impressions go a long way, but while you and wool might not have gotten things off on the right foot, you’re mature enough to give it a second chance. On a winter’s day, wool can be your best friend. Take, for example, life/after/denim’s Hunting Coat and Combat Trouser (available in Black and Dark Field Green). Despite its name, you don’t have to kill anything to have killer style in this coat. It’ll make you look smart, even if your decision to brave the cold wasn’t your wisest.

4. Twill

You’ve been clad in twill pants since before you could even pull them on yourself. This cotton-weave fabric, commonly found in khakis and chinos, features a series of parallel diagonal ribs (when you look closely). For an exceptional pair, look no further than the Weekend Chino (available in an array of season colors and longer inseams). The hidden zipper pocket is large enough to fit an iPhone+ or passport— the perfect utility hitter for every wardrobe.

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