life/after/denim – Festive Prints: Freezing the Ugly out of Your Holidays

The ugly sweater. It started as a kitschy joke, then one day you woke up and discovered that ugly had become it’s own style… and one that holiday sweaters actually aspire to be. Bury this crime of fashion next to your hoverboard, fidget spinners, and other #giftfails of Christmases past, and reclaim the meaning of “festive.

life/after/denim’s three festive micro-print button-downs are sure to make your fellow-holiday revelers positive that you’re one of the wise men. So this holiday season, as you gather around the Yule log (or the Netflix endless stream of one), show your friends and family your sophisticated style, and let Marcy in accounting — or your Aunt Marcy — handle the silly holiday theatrics. (Continue Reading)

life/after/denim – A Well-Orchestrated Layered Look: Styles to get your Fashion Singing

This holiday season, treat your winter fashion like a well-orchestrated song, with each layer adding depth to your overall look. Don’t be the fashion equivalent of a high school garage band; sync up your threads and sing like a legend. One killer track will end your year off right. (Continue Reading)

life/after/denim – Live Your Glory Days Now
Let’s kick it back to the days when your weekends started on Thursday afternoons; when the only thing you had to accomplish before 10 AM was how to recover from the night before; when unlocking your dream life was only a diploma away. Well, the real world has kicked in, and you’re no longer dreaming– you’re doing. And doing is far less fun.

Being a freshman in the real world sucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a fresh man. It might not be appropriate to wear your college sweatshirt daily anymore, but life/after/denim’s has collegiate-inspired threads to take you back to the glory days. (Continue Reading)

life/after/denim – How To: Look Good For Summer Events
Break out your sunglasses and SPFs, and let’s make this the kind of summer Will Smith used to rap about—complete with a splash of some cool summer style. You’ve been cramped up at work for too long, frying under the fluorescent lights– you’ve got to break free. Whether you’re cooking a brat and crushing beers at home or putting another shrimp on the Barbie down under, we’ve got you covered. (Continue Reading)

life/after/denim — Things I learned from my Father
Fathers love giving advice; it’s basically hardwired into their Dad DNA. So in the spirit of Father’s Day, we canvassed the life/after/denim office for jewels of wisdom from our team members’ dads. And then we stripped away the decades of fluff and lectures to offer you nothing but the greatest hits… (Continue Reading)

life/after/denim’s Father Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re running out of time to find the perfect gift for the man who brought you into this world. Rather than buy another pair of slippers that’ll sit at the back of his closet, here’s a novel idea: make 2017 the year you get your dad a gift he’ll actually enjoy. We have you covered for all the gifts to show your dad exactly why you’re his favorite… (Continue reading)

life/after/denim: Daniel’s Travel Essentials
If you can survive its myriad hassles, travel can unlock horizon-expanding experiences. So we sat down with our resident travel expert – life/after/denim’s Brand and Product Manager, Daniel Lippman – before he jetted off to his next travel destination, and asked him what turbulence-proof essentials he packs when scouring the globe for fashion inspiration…(Continue reading)


“It’s Only A Matter of Time” —
It wasn’t a special day in any sense of the word “special.” I was crossing Sunset Blvd on my way to pick up some groceries at “Rock N’ Roll” Ralph’s. (The store has embraced this moniker so enthusiastically that they actually display it above the entrance). (Continue reading)


Josh wrote the script for the “FIELD REPORTS” featured in various company profiles highlighted on Kathy Ireland’s digital informercial series.